There are currently 13 IEYC units available with more being developed and released to our members schools.Units currently include topics such as: To The Rescue!,This is Me…

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Primary Year

Subject goals cover the knowledge, skills and understanding of children relating to the subjects they are learning. There are subject learning goals for Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, ICT & Computing, Technology, History, Geography, Music, Physical Education, Art and Society.

Bake it !

Grade 5 students bakes cookies!


Story telling with grade 1

Story telling

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Middle Year

The IMYC uses a concept based curriculum design, building units around ‘big ideas’ that help students interlink all their learning. The IMYC also uses a specific process of learning (based on the way the brain learns) consistently across all subjects. 

Great raft Race 2017

PTIS joins 26th annual Fools regatta

Boys day 2017

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Jr K Students

Jr K….

Bake it !

Grade 5 students bakes cookies!



Middle School’s first Symposium


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